How to teach to be brought up the child

How to teach to be brought up the child

To be tightened it is possible to learn at any age. The main thing in this case - systematicity of trainings, the correct load distribution and aiming at result. For the adult 10-12 pullings up, for the child (elementary school) - from 1 to 5 times are considered normal. At pulling up quite big group of muscles is involved: forearms, abdominal press and tricepses. They perform the main work. But there are some more muscles which are occupied as auxiliary during pulling up - pectoral muscles, diamond-shaped, bicepses, etc.

It is required to you

  • - horizontal bar;
  • - dumbbells.


1. Be engaged with the child in physical training. Trainings have to be daily, be engaged together with the kid, help him with everything. For a start master several exercises with dumbbells. For example, exercise the first. Legs - at shoulder length. Hands - it is free, along a body. Into the account "one" lift dumbbells to axillary hollows, into the account - lower "two" in an initial position. Repeat this exercise ten-fifteen times. Be guided on a condition of the child. If he is ready to continue - increase loadings.

2. Begin trainings with a horizontal bar. Help the child to jump on him, let's it hang for a while some time on it freely. Perhaps, the first trainings will also be in just to learn to keep on a horizontal bar. Support the kid when he jumps on a horizontal bar and help to go down. Do not force it to hang long if at it hands are tired or it it is simple not in mood to be engaged.

3. Hold the child exactly so that he could use the efforts. Give him the chance to last from all force, only then at him it will turn out to be tightened for the first time. After that it is possible to increase the number of trainings.

4. Do not demand several pullings up at once after the child was brought up for the first time. Before he is able to be brought up twice, will pass still time. For elementary school the result in five pullings up in two-three months of classes is more than good.

5. Try to use reception of "movement of a crossbeam". For the first trainings fix a horizontal bar rather low. Let the child be brought up at first semi-sitting. After twenty pullings up in such situation for it are not a problem - lift a horizontal bar above.

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