How to teach to be mindful consciously of the health

How to teach to be mindful consciously of the health

To keep health of the child - the main task of parents. But how to force the teenager to think of consequences of the wrong way of life if adults are not always a positive example. And it is necessary to begin with itself then at children the healthy lifestyle will become a habit.


1. From the earliest age try to adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle concerning the child. It begins both with hardening, and with daily hygienic procedures, and with healthy nutrition. The last needs to pay attention maximum. The child who almost from the cradle eats only healthy and correct food even at mature age will adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition. Now it is quite often possible to meet remains which sitting in carriages, with pleasure crackle croutons and chips. How then to convince them that it is harmful?

2. Of course, all talk has to be supported with own example. It is difficult to convince the child properly to eat if in the fridge there is a sparkling water, and for dinner – semi-finished products. If you also do errors in food, the child will surely adopt your habits. And it is so absolute in everything. If you want to accustom the child to sport, prove that you also reached much.

3. By the way, sport – a powerful incentive to a healthy lifestyle. The sports mode means serious restrictions. It and early rise with a large number of time for a dream, and healthy nutrition, and, above all – certain thinking. Athletes are aimed at achievement of results, at a victory which can be given only by a lot of work. Trainings take away a lot of time, so, remains less on aimless swaying with friends. In the companies of friends there is the first acquaintance to a cigarette and alcohol.

4. Some parents consider that let better the child will get acquainted with house alcohol, and pour to it a little behind holidays. Though the child should not be the full participant of an adult sit-round gathering before 18 years. That there was no early interest in alcohol, in the house there should not be its cult. Try not to take at the child even easy drinks, like beer or wine. At the teenager an impression should not be made that alcohol is norm of life.

5. Active life is impossible if the child stays for hours in front of the TV or the computer. And no arguments that it is harmful, on him will work. It is necessary – to remove the unique exit from the house the TV and to limit Internet access. Here you will see how a lot of free time at you will appear. And it is possible to spend it with benefit. In the evenings it is better to walk in the fresh air, than to watch news or soap operas. And it is possible to spend time with the child, playing board games or reading books. Anyway to force the child to think of the health, about the future it is possible only with your active participation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team