How to teach to consider

How to teach to consider

It seems to adults that so just to count from one to ten, and for the kid it is the whole science. But by scientists it is proved long ago that development of mathematical abilities is important for full formation of functions of a brain.

 The child to learn to consider, and together with it he develops memory, attention, logic. With what age it is possible to begin training in the account? The most optimum is the age 2 years. But some foreign techniques suggest to begin training from 6 months, but it will hardly be possible to achieve visible results at so early age therefore we will address more traditional techniques.

 To teach to consider the child, a lot of time and patience will be required. With the first mathematical concepts the acquaintance can be begun since a year. It is possible to acquaint with the words "one" by means of toys or illustrations in favourite books "much". For example, one kitten – is a lot of kittens, one cube – is a lot of cubes. As the additional memorable element it is possible to add gestures. One – to show one finger, and it is a lot of – to part hands widely. As much as possible receptors very important that at assimilation of new, were are used for the child. 

At the next stage will be to training in the account up to 3. Here it is not necessary to hurry as not mechanical storing of an order at the account is important, and understanding of quantity of objects according to number. It is possible to consider everything that the child sees: it both steps, and toy, and heroes of the favourite fairy tale. And, of course, to training in the account at the child's fingers, will be very effective too. There is more number of finger-type games where numerals are mentioned. Such as, "Time, two, three, four, five, went out for a walk a hare …" or "forty - the thief" which help your child to remember the account. At the age of 3 years it is possible to train in the account up to 5 and further, depending on individual abilities of the kid. Memory of the child is so arranged that he remembers only, the fact that it is interesting to him or what surprised him. Try to carry away the dityo mathematics, using game receptions. At this age the leading activity are role-playing games. Use this hobby for development of the child. For example, it is possible to play "shop" where your son or the daughter will be a seller, and you the buyer. Ask to give you two apples, three candies. Improving a game, it is possible to add also monetary units: buttons, candy wrappers. Besides, there is a need for the solution of elementary mathematical tasks on addition and subtraction. It is worth to remember also about the account in everyday life of the child. Walking in the park, it is possible to consider birds and trees, leaves and pebbles. If you give the classes systematically and variously, then to teach to consider the child, not to make big work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team