How to teach to consider the child in a column

How to teach to consider the child in a column

In order that yours the baby could solve mathematical problems as soon as possible, it is necessary that he not only knew the multiplication table, but also was able to consider quickly. How to teach to consider the child in a column?

It is required to you

  • - sheet of paper;
  • - handle.


1. Starting training, begin with the simplest - from addition. For this purpose take a clean leaf, the handle and ask the child to write down numbers which need to be put as follows: units - under units, dozens — under dozens, hundreds — under hundreds. Further under the lowermost number draw a line.

2. Explain what needs to be put, since the last figures, that is from units. At the sum less than ten write down under units at once. If the two-digit number turned out, then under units write down the number of units, and remember the number of dozens.

3. Now put the number of dozens and add number which you remembered in mind after addition of units. Tell that hundreds and thousands slazhivatsya in the same way.

4. Carrying out operations with subtraction, explain that numbers need to be written down in accuracy as well as at addition. If at subtraction the number of units in reduced more, than in subtracted, needs to be "borrowed" ten.

5. Show that at multiplication of a multidigit number on unambiguous at first units, then dozens and the subsequent categories are multiplied. Multiplying multidigit numbers, act consistently. At first increase the second multiplier by the number of units of the first multiplier and write down result below the line. Then increase by quantity of the dozen first multiplier and again write down result under the first.

6. Teach the child to perform operations and with division. For this purpose write down near divisible number with a divider and divide them a corner, and write down result under it.

7. Daily train that knowledge developed. But keep in mind: classes should not will consist in a zazubrivaniye, otherwise it will not yield any positive results. You do not pass from one operation of the account with a column to another. That is until the child learns to put in a column, do not start subtraction training.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team