How to teach to do homework independently

How to teach to do homework independently

The child went to school, and he had many new duties, including doing homework. Some children sit down and do homework without reminders, for others it is difficult.


1. First of all try to define the reasons for which the child does not want to do house homework. Stock up with patience and you remember: from whether the kid will learn to work independently, his relation to study will depend further in many respects. Observe how he is engaged; can be, he is afraid of failure as you too overestimated requirements. In that case calm him, explain that you will love it not only for an appreciation, but also without them.

2. Perhaps, the child passed or did not understand a subject - then help it to deal with it. Read and explain it to the child, solve several problems for an example. Do not solve those problems which are set by the teacher - let the child will try to solve them independently.

3. If the child got used that you help him, gradually disaccustom him to it. Sit down with him nearby, allocate the main thing in tasks so that the child understood how you do it, and could do further it independently. Tell that for a while leave, but then you will return and you will check everything that he made. Over time such absences will become more and more long, and the child will get used to do everything.

4. Put some idea to the kid (it is desirable to do it to school) that even if the difficult task comes across, it is not necessary to recede. Show what decisions it can have a little, try to draw or draw a task to see it in the New World. Teach the child to obtain information and not to be given - these skills will be useful to him not only independently to do homework, but also in further life.

5. As soon as you see that for the child estimates and the teacher's relation at school matter, can gradually depart from training process. You say that you do not know this subject and you cannot help it (you will not begin to help it to the last class) - let gets used to independence. If you see a responsible attitude, encourage the child with monetary or other rewards.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team