How to teach to draw the child: simple advice to parents

How to teach to draw the child: simple advice to parents

You noticed for a long time that your kid draws everything and derives from it pleasure? Now everything depends only on you. Make everything that similar interest did not die away, and developed into future serious hobby. Perhaps, you will help the child to reveal fully and to get worthy calling.

First of all, make so that interest in drawing at your child did not decrease, and increased every day. Show the enthusiasm drawings, convince the kid that each following picture will be even better, induce it to create new masterpieces, without stopping on the achieved result. If the child says that he would like to draw constantly, he can be sent to art school. Drawing lessons will never become superfluous if they are pleasant to the child, and he visits them with pleasure.

Technology of drawing can be different therefore always buy necessary materials for creative work. Let the child near at hand will have pencils, felt-tip pens, paints and big sheets of paper. It is unknown to what moment the inspiration will come. For a start it is the best of all to buy the most usual watercolor paints, several brushes and a glass for water. When the child accumulates a little experience, then it can already buy gouache and pencils, to work with these tools much more difficult.

Now about the process of drawing. Equip the special place for creativity. It can be a big convenient table or the cozy small place in its own room. Surely buy special clothes which can be soiled an apron. Also old things which are not a pity for throwing out will approach. It is necessary to save casual clothes and the child's skin from paint hit.

If the child absolutely still small, then be with him together during when he draws. You will be able to direct it, to prompt and show it as it is correctly possible to draw any given fragment, to master with it the main skills. However you should not bother the kid. With constant hints and councils the drawing for it can become boring and uninteresting occupation. It is not necessary to show constantly to the child the skill and to correct its caricatures. Do not allow it to draw on expensive wall-paper or on furniture at all. Well explain that for this occupation you specially came trudging standard sheets and paints. Help council only when the child himself about it asks. Draw together with the kid, dream and create new masterpieces.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team