How to teach to draw the preschool child

How to teach to draw the preschool child

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Every day the child opens for himself something new. He excitedly shares with you the opening, tries to represent it in a game or to draw on paper. The drawing of the kid reflects his emotional state, the relations in family, self-determination in this world. Drawing has a great influence on all-round development of the identity of the child.

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1. Suggest the baby to draw finger-type paints at the age of 10-12 months. Finger-type paints have pleasant consistence, bright colors. It is necessary to draw them by means of fingers. Put the kid on a stool for feeding, on a table-top fix the big sheet of paper by means of an adhesive tape. Discover at first one paint and show to the kid that it is possible to draw the line, a circle. Let the baby try to draw everything that will conceive. It is possible to put the kid in a bathtub on an antiskid rug. Let it with pleasure will ornament a bathtub and a wall. Paint will easily wash off.

2. After a year offer the child felt-tip pens. Show it what felt-tip pens can be drawn. Try to accustom to hold from the very beginning correctly the child in hand a pencil or felt-tip pens three fingers, but not to clamp them in a cam.

3. Try not to ask the kid to draw something concrete, let him draw that he conceived. It has to be its personal manifestation of imagination. The child should not be afraid that will laugh at his drawing.

4. Do not criticize work of your child. From constant criticism the child can throw this business. Try not to correct anything in its drawing. If you want to explain how any subject is drawn, or the kid himself asks you to help it, then draw the hint on a single sheet. And it will redraw then your example on the leaflet.

5. If the kid does not show interest in drawing, try to entice it a game. Tell that now you will draw the road for the machine, draw with a row the wood, the bridge, lodges. Big sheets of paper or unnecessary rolls of wall-paper will be suitable for these purposes. Spread them directly on a floor and draw.

6. When the child learns to draw a pencil, acquaint him with paints. For this purpose best of all watercolor paints will approach. It is very useful to allow the kid to work with a coloring. He will train in accurate painting of details and in the correct selection of flowers. On the street in warm season the child can draw crayons on asphalt.

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