How to teach to drink from a small bottle

How to teach to drink from a small bottle

Breastfeeding in life of the newborn plays a huge role. However there are situations when there is a need to teach the kid to drink from a small bottle. Many children absolutely reluctantly pass to artificial feeding, and young mothers sometimes should make a lot of efforts for this purpose.


1. Begin acquaintance of the child to a small bottle approximately in 2-3 weeks before you transfer it to artificial feeding. If you want to begin this process earlier, then do not do this every day. 2 times a week will enough give to the child a small bottle.

2. Many children who are on chest feeding can not take a small bottle from mom. They begin to be capricious and cry as they do not understand why they give it something artificial if there is a present. Therefore it is better if it is done by the child's father, the grandmother or the experienced nurse.

3. To accustom the child to a small bottle, a lot of time and patience will be required. During feeding experiment. Most of children want this process to resemble breastfeeding: the same situation, the lulling voice, etc. And many kids, on the contrary, prefer to eat sitting, having a little turned away.

4. Do not wait until the child strongly gets hungry. Give him a small bottle better between feedings when he has well a rest and it is not intense.

5. Use nipples such which are most similar to your near-mamillar circle and a nipple. It is better if they have the wide, deep basis which is gradually pointed by the end of a pacifier. Do not use a pacifier with a small tip (about 1 centimeter). To define, milk how fast flows, turn a small bottle a pacifier down and look. One drop a second is a speed with which, as a rule, children cope without effort.

6. If the child does not like any type of a pacifier, try to pick up another. Before giving to the child a small bottle, heat a pacifier under a stream of warm water or if at the child teeth are cut, cool it, having a little taken in the fridge.

7. When you give a small bottle, make sure that the kid took a pacifier completely, and not just its tip.

8. When feeding the child from a small bottle never leave it unguarded. When sucking lying milk can get into a middle ear that will cause ear inflammations. Besides, you remember that feeding is the act of communication which means both food and calm.

9. The small bottle is not the only alternative to chest feeding. It is possible to feed the child and from a cup, from a finger by means of an additional power supply system, either from a spoon or from the pipette.

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