How to teach to eat in kindergarten

How to teach to eat in kindergarten

Arrival of the child in kindergarten represents the whole event in family life. During this period often there is a situation when it is necessary to face a loss of appetite at the child. Many children who eat houses very well in kindergarten refuse flatly to eat, bringing thereby mothers to heart attack, and tutors to a nervous breakdown. To teach the child is in kindergarten, it is necessary to put a lot of effort, both to parents, and personnel.


1. At first it is necessary to bring closer a house diet to kindergarten. It is necessary to pass to it gradually, time of feeding to shift for 10-15 min. Sharp change of the schedule can cause refusal of food. It is necessary to adhere to a kindergarten diet up to school.

2. The menu of the child needs to be brought closer to a food allowance of kindergarten as much as possible. He has to know what is borsches, casseroles, compotes, kissels. In cooking time do not try to abuse various sauces, spices, spices, mayonnaise. Try not to allow having a snack between meals. It is possible to reduce the caloric content of some dishes that can lead through some time to increase in appetite.

3. The inability to eat with a spoon can be a reason for refusal of children of food in kindergarten. Getting to preschool institution, the child has to be able to hold correctly a spoon and to drink accurately from a cup. Teach to eat it independently.

4. It is possible to agree with the kid about the simple rule: "If does not getting hungry, you eat so many spoons, how old are you". Quite often the child does not like appearance of the offered dish, but after several spoons some begin to enjoy.

5. Play with the child kindergarten, for example, "Dining room". Tell about work of the cook who very much tries for all kids. Or "Katya who did not eat in kindergarten". Explain that children during the game spend a lot of energy and not to ache, it is necessary to eat.

6. Use reception of competitive spirit. "Today you ate three spoons of soup, and we argue, tomorrow eat more than four?".

7. Happens that refusal of food the child makes a protest – against the teacher who is not pleasant to it, against indifference of parents who "sent him to a garden", against children with whom to it heavy to get on. In this case it is necessary to understand the reasons of this protest and to try to liquidate them, up to transfer to other group.

8. But anyway psychologists do not recommend to force the child is, and to resort to small cunnings. For example, the emptiest plate will be to organize a competition at whom, to read children the fairy tale at meal time, to appoint the one who will best of all eat the person on duty, to make the problem kid by the main thing at a table and to entrust to look after other children, showing to a personal example as it is necessary to eat …

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