How to teach to embroider the child

How to teach to embroider the child

Times when the French novels and needlework were major activities of secular girls, passed long ago. However it does not mean at all that the embroidery as a type of creativity has to sink into a non-existence. Already it is not obligatory to train the daughter in the needlewoman, but it is very useful to impart her elements of an embroidery.


1. Connect the child to the work. Conceive some embroidery and ask the girl to help (well, or the boy – too not harmfully to be engaged in him sometimes in similar things). Together think up that you will embroider in what equipment and what materials. Find the suitable beautiful scheme and get all necessary. The child for certain very much will be carried away by process of search of drawings, selection of materials and flowers.

2. Teach the child to basic working methods with a needle and a thread. If you cross stitch, then at once explain, how exactly it is necessary to put stitches. Teach the child to fix correctly a thread, to hold a needle, to cover a feast sewing its tip. For work choose only needles with a roundish tip. Carry out the main part of an embroidery, but from time to time let's the child to you help. If at the child not really it turns out to work with a needle and a thread, construct for him the exercise machine. There are special punched cards for training in sewing. Drawings are applied on these cards and small openings are made that facilitates sewing process. If you cannot find such cards, make from independently.

3. Ask the child to execute some embroidery independently. It is possible to acquire some small set for embroidery with the simple scheme. Only choose for the child a tambour by the size and surely you watch that all sewing materials, such as threads, needles, scissors, etc. always cleaned up into place. If at the child it turns out badly at the beginning - it is it does not matter. Help to untangle small knots and to tie up the torn threads.

4. Teach various techniques. Mastered cross-stitch? Perfectly, try beads now. Bothered with beads – you pass to a smooth surface. A variety of types of activity is just necessary.

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