How to teach to fill up the baby independently

How to teach to fill up the baby independently

Every evening parents of the tot face the same problem: it is difficult to lull the baby. That they only do not do: both lullabies sing, and read fairy tales, and lull... And the baby everything does not sleep.

It is required to you

  • - toys;
  • - bathtub;
  • - bed;
  • - books.


1. By 3-6 months develop an accurate day regimen at the kid. Awakening, swaddling and laying in a bed – everything has to submit to this schedule. Over time at the baby the habit to fill up at the same time thanks to what it will be easier to accustom him to fill up independently will develop.

2. In one and a half-two hours prior to a dream switch the baby to quiet games. Try to protect the kid from all that can excite him before going to bed. Better if toys with which the tot before going to bed plays are familiar to him: new impressions for the whole day and are so enough.

3. The actions promote that at the child the correct relation to a bed was developed: you do not feed in it the kid and do not play with him there. The bed has to be associated at the baby with a dream.

4. Even if you rock to sleep the kid, shift him in a bed not sleeping, and filling up. Put the baby and depart from its field of vision, let him fill up one in a bed. Over time independent falling asleep will become for the baby the norm.

5. If after you laid the baby in a bed, he begins to cry, try to calm him, without taking on hands: stroke him, sing a lullaby, kiss … If nevertheless the kid continues to cry, take on hands. But as soon as he will calm down, put him back.

6. In the first months of life the babies better sleep if their top part of the head rests against the diaper curtailed by a roller or the crib back covered with a blanket. If at the same time near the head of the kid to put mother's (worn) clothes, the kid will feel presence of a mother's smell. All this affects the baby soothingly and reminds him feelings in mother's womb. Create to the kid conditions, favorable for a dream.

7. Develop "a falling asleep ritual" and try to adhere to it every day. For babies the following sequence is recommended: a heat relaxing bath – the weakening massage – change of a diaper – the last before going to bed feeding – a lullaby or the short fairy tale. Repeat these actions every day and in one or two weeks the tot will get used to a ritual: he will adjust himself on a dream and quicker to fill up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team