How to teach to fill up the child independently

How to teach to fill up the child independently

Approximately in half a year after the delivery many mummies begin to complain that to put the child to bed becomes more difficult. Sometimes process takes several hours! At mom flow hands, the back begins to hurt, language is not able to move any more from such number of the told fairy tales, and the baby in any does not want to sleep. What to do? How many will it proceed?

Exit one – to teach to fill up the child independently. Most likely, the first days will seem you real hell, but thanks to iron patience you after all will cope.

When it is possible to teach the child to fill up independently

Everything depends on temperament of your kid. It is much simpler to teach to fill up quiet children independently. And here from kaprizulka the parents should "sweat". But you should not despair, there is nothing impossible. And to teach to fill up the child independently – not the most difficult that can be.

Stock up with patience, it now very much is required to you. If decided to make changes to the mode, do not recede, go all the way. Your success depends on it.

Usually parents already to half a year try to teach the child to fall asleep independently. But it not at all turns out. One kid can learn to fall asleep in 6 months in only 4-5 days, and another at the same age – at all will not give in to re-education. Therefore it is important to choose a moment when the child is ready to changes.

Do not try to teach the child to fall asleep at all independently when the baby is ill or he cuts teeth. At this moment you are necessary to it more, than usually. The kid needs your caress and care, but not global changes (and for him they those also are) in life. Therefore leave still better the idea to teach to fill up the child independently. Wait until the baby completely recovers, so you will have more chances of success.

How to teach to fill up the child in the bed?

For a start it is worth dealing with the mode. If you want to teach the child to fall asleep independently, make so that time for a dream did not change every day. It will be simpler to child to get used that now he will fall asleep itself if you stack it at the same time. It is an important point. Think what time will be ideal for you.

Secondly, tell the kid that today he will learn to fall asleep independently. Explain that he already big and can quite do it. If to the baby only half a year, it does not mean that it does not need to tell anything, he all the same will not understand. Allocate 10 minutes, tell.

Just before a dream track that the child was not fond of too noisy games, exclude watching TV. For an hour to a dream together remove toys, read the book, just talk to the kid. The main thing that the child was quiet at this time. Violent the capricious child to put to bed much more difficult.

After the fairy tale is read, the song is sung, kiss the kid and put in a bed. Give him a pacifier (if it is necessary) and a favourite toy. It is desirable that not the rattle or some peeping mouse was this toy. Otherwise instead of falling asleep, the child will arrange the real concert.

Cover the child with a blanket, wish sweet dreams, turn off the light and leave the room. You do not leave far, be in the neighboring room. Leave a door a little slightly opened that it was possible to hear what occurs in the room of the kid. Also wait.

Naturally, you should not hope that the baby immediately will turn on a flank, will close eyes and will breathe heavily. Far from it. The child will rise, call you, can even cry. You do not hurry to run at top speed to the bedroom at once and to turn on the light. Wait 4-5 minutes. At the same time, do not allow the child to cry long. Council – "will cry, will be tired and will fall asleep" – not the best option. Find golden mean. You should not run on the first peep of the baby too, so it quickly will understand that mummy can be manipulated easily. And all your works will end with one big failure.If the child is afraid to fall asleep independently when the light in the room is turned off, do not force. Turn on the light, and the night lamp is better. To the kid will be so quieter. The most important now is to teach to fall asleep the child independently, with light or not – the second question. Otherwise the baby will be frightened of darkness and will be afraid to fall asleep. And it is already a problem become serious.

If the child long cries, come into the bedroom, but do not turn on the light. Tell that everything is good, mom nearby. Explain that already late, it is time to go to bed. Put the kid, cover with a blanket, give a toy and a pacifier. Be not late in the bedroom for a long time. Make all necessary and you leave.

What cannot be done at all when you try to teach the child to fall asleep independently?

It is impossible to swear and shout at the kid. Otherwise the dream will become for it real torture. He will be afraid to fall asleep in the bed. Do not take in head to beat the baby a bottom! Understand, your treasure does not know yet that you want from it. And even if understands, all the same does not want to fill up without mom. Even adults with huge work refuse the habits. And children – especially.

The most valuable advice in this case – have patience! To teach the child it is independently possible to fill up and it is necessary as soon as possible. It is much easier to cope with the six-month-old kid, than with the child of 2 years.

I cannot tell, what is the time will leave at you on teaching to fill up the tot in the bed. We coped with this problem in 8 months. Now the daughter is 1 year 9 months old. And she when wants to sleep, itself goes to the bedroom. And leaves usually silently. Takes a pacifier, lays down on a bed, our with the husband, takes cover a blanket and fills up. After first such "focus" we were shocked. Now is a norm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team