How to teach to hear the child

How to teach to hear the child

It is important to understand initially that the easy decision in education of children does not exist and that no faculty meeting will make in one day of the little mischievous person of the obedient kid. Parents address the children several times a day. To some kids of special approach it is not necessary, however, rascals need the special address. To teach the child to hear your requests perhaps if to spend for it efforts, attention, time and to follow a number of rules.


1. Give to the kid a signal to listen, a signal that now the order will follow. The easiest to draw attention of the child, having called him by name. But it is impossible to do it of the neighboring room, from far away, since the main element of this stage – a look in eyes. The requests given looking in eyes, cause more often respect and desire to obey. So, call the child by name, stand near him, you look in his face. If it is not enough to call by name, then tell directly: "Look at me", and if necessary take it for a chin.

2. Your look suspended activity of the child, now it is a high time to give the order. At the same time be valid, but are firm, without hesitation. You watch that your nonverbal behavior also expressed authority. Your gestures, a look, intonation, a bearing have to be under control. Get up at small distance from the kid, accept an imperative pose. You do not ask, and just tell what you want. One order suffices. Perhaps, the child will protest. Do not discuss, do not organize a debate. Once it offers one explanation, especially without extending and without repeating that it was already told. If the child continues to ask questions, then answer: "I already told everything to you". Ask the kid to repeat what was told him.

3. Having finished the request, you just need to stand and look attentively at the child fifteen more seconds. Do not move. It can seem strange, but the stare will force the kid to ponder upon what he needs to make. He, perhaps, will take an interest that you watch it. You can not answer a question, or tell that you wait when it makes as it is told. Remember that you are obliged to explain nothing.

4. If the child satisfied a request, you have to praise him by all means. Give him signs of gratitude and approvals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team