How to teach to mold and draw the child

How to teach to mold and draw the child

Classes creativity are not only excellent method of self-expression of the child, but also the help in his harmonious development. There are no incapable children, each child has the talent. How to teach to draw and mold the child?

It is required to you

  • Finger-type paints, water-based felt-tip pens, trihedral colored pencils, wax crayons, brushes, Whatman paper, album sheets, plasticine, salty dough, cardboard.


1. Notice abilities of the kid and help it to disclose them. As soon as possible develop the creative beginning in the child. Best of all for this purpose drawing lessons which turn into a fascinating game will approach. In a game the baby will feel on an equal basis with the adult. At the child who is engaged in a molding the emotional sphere, imagination, figurative thinking, feeling of a form and color, taste, fine motor skills and mental activity develops.

2. The first stage of graphic activity of the kid can begin before execution to the child of one year when its cams are already able to pick up a pencil and to represent scribbles. Create to the child favorable climate for drawing. For this purpose you praise the kid for each independently represented speck, dab or the line.

3. How to teach to draw the child if he still badly concentrates the attention? Help it – finish drawing its sketches. Show the imagination and do not prevent to do it to the child. When you add new elements to the drawing, explain the actions aloud. At the same time it is possible to tell the kid rhymes nursery rhymes, small fairy tales. Draw the attention of the child to result of work.

4. Do not try to obtain that the child repeated after you in accuracy all lines. Drawing has to bring pleasure, but not turn into tiresome occupation. Do not limit the child, try to diversify technology of graphic activity. For this purpose use a monotipiya, a diatipiya, grattazh, nitkopis, a klyaksografiya, spraying, inflating of spots, cliches. Do not force the kid to complete work, do not point to mistakes. Let is engaged in drawing at a table while process captures him. Occupation at first should not exceed 5-10 min. All errors can be corrected when the kid becomes more senior. Now the main task of parents is to impart to him love for drawing.

5. His handles smeared by finger-type paints become the first tools of the kid. By means of these paints, harmless to kids, represent together with the child leaves on trees, both octopuses, and butterflies, and many other things. As paints it is possible to use fruit yogurts and puree and juice. Also sometimes under supervision let's it draw brushes by means of gouache and a watercolor. And also colored pencils and water-based felt-tip pens. Get pencils very convenient for their continence in a children's hand - trihedral or wax.

6. How to teach to mold the child if he got used to pull everything in a mouth? Buy special plasticine for kids which does not stick to hands and is not soiled. At first try a molding from the salty test. The molding very much helps improvement of coordination of movements of fingers of kids, and respectively has a great influence on a speech development. Show to the child how to mold sausages, beads, to fasten them among themselves. Try technology of applique by means of plasticine. Decorate composition with natural or improvised material – buttons, peas, haricot or pasta.

7. Carefully address each work of the kid: insert them into a frame, hang out on a wall. If works become much, they can be changed periodically. If the kid does not want to draw or be engaged in a molding, then begin to be engaged in it with enthusiasm. Everything is usually interesting to the child, than adults are engaged. The earlier you will begin to involve the kid in creativity, the better for its development. Let classes creativity will turn for the kid into a bright holiday.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team