How to teach to paint children

How to teach to paint children

Coloring of pictures and drawing is directly connected with development of thinking, the speech, coordination, motility for this reason it is so important to help the child to master skills of drawing. To teach the child to paint it is necessary to begin when the kid begins to show interest in pencils and paints.


1. In 1-1.5 years many children already begin to show interest in pencils and paints. For kids it is aged up to 3 years better to buy a coloring in which children can draw the fingers moistened with water or use finger-type paints. Pictures in such coloring usually have a contour up to 4 mm wide and the minimum quantity of details. Very often at a coloring for the smallest there are color contours prompting what paint needs to be used, or color samples are applied.

2. After 3 years it is necessary to begin to develop assiduity in the child, to show him as it is correct to hold a pencil in hand. At this age it is possible to acquaint the kid with work with paints and brushes.

3. Since 4 years, it is possible to begin to train the child in observance of the sizes and contours and also the basic rules of drawing shading. At this age the child can already paint the picture on a color sample. Buy to the child after 4 years of a coloring in which there are fine details.

4. Offer the child after 4 years of a coloring in which the drawing needs to be finished drawing on points and also in what it is required to place stickers. It will help development of fine motor skills.

5. Training the child in coloring, you watch that classes with paints and pencils took place at a table. Take care of that height of a table and chair were picked up correctly.

6. During the classes with the child you watch that the kid clamped a pencil between big and average fingers, and held with a forefinger it. It is necessary to hold a pencil 2-3 cm above its ground edge.

7. During coloring children usually with a force squeeze a pencil. That the hand of the child was not tired, take a break in classes and warm up palms by means of simple exercises. Let the kid will squeeze and will unclench fingers, will twist palms in different directions.

8. Explain to the child that it is not necessary to go beyond drawing contours, show how to make it, on own example.

9. When coloring the drawing it is necessary that the kid correctly distributed color. You watch that beginning to paint, he did not throw the left unfinished drawing, seeking to begin following. The child has to learn to finish begun.

10. You should not blame the child for the fact that he seeks to paint drawings which, in your opinion, do not suit it. Very often boys paint coloring "devchach", and girls show interest in the drawn tanks and cars. You should not narrow a focus of interest of the kid, let develops, comprehending the world in all its variety.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team