How to teach to play the child in pat-a-cake

How to teach to play the child in pat-a-cake

The world of kids of oars is also amazing. Children like to study everything around, to learn something new, to study at adults to any given things. In order that your child grew healthy and happy, he since early years should show the developing games. The most popular is "Pat-a-cake".


1. In most cases it is difficult to agree with small children. They go obstinate, refuse to eat products useful, but tasteless in their opinion, etc. The fact is that kids can just not explain it concept as it "is necessary".

2. And here children with great pleasure play. At the same time even the game "Pat-a-cake" simple at first sight can turn into long educational process. All this individually and depends on the level of development of the kid, his character and education.

3. To explain rules of the game in "pat-a-cake" to your child, it is better to involve all relatives and friends who are in the apartment. When the kid sees that all people loving him repeat identical movements and enjoy it, he involuntarily will begin to repeat. It will allow to develop motility of your child. Along with movements, it is necessary to pronounce words it is known prigovorka. The kid will be shortly guided by the said phrases.

4. Remember that children for the first time can not uchuvstvovat in your game in "Pat-a-cake". It can be connected with the fact that to the kid any given movements are still unusual. Repeat attempt a bit later, having slowed down speed. If you want to help the child with development of this game, it is possible to take its handles in the.

5. Thereby you will force it to repeat movements. You will notice soon that your kid remembered sequence of actions, and it gives him genuine pleasure.

6. The children's doctor can confirm that even the simple game "Pat-a-cake" allows your child to self-improve. The fact is that in process the motility develops, coordination improves, work of sense organs, etc. is normalized. Finally, the kid grows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team