How to teach to play the child independently

How to teach to play the child independently

Game gives to almost each child a lot of joy and pleasures. But you remember that a game is not only an entertainment. It is of great importance for intellectual and physical development. Playing, the child constantly moves, talks, gets acquainted with various objects and its properties.


1. In a game the character and standards of behavior of the child, i.e. the relation to things, skills of communication with surrounding people is built up, there is assessment of acts. Therefore for you it should not be indifferent than and as your child plays.

2. The kid on the fourth year of life can find quite independently to himself occupation and a long time to play one. Therefore the ability independently needs to be played in every possible way to develop. But it is better to do it not only because such games give to parents the chance to be engaged in own affairs, but also because it is useful.

3. In independent classes and games at the kid the initiative develops, he learns to overcome difficulties, to show persistence in achievement of the goal and to many other valuable qualities. In order that the child was able to spend interestingly and variously time independently, once it gets the corresponding toys.

4. A game for the child this serious business which also all family members have to treat. You should not prevent the child to play, run or jump about the room. It is better to think of how to satisfy need of the kid for the movement, without breaking at the same time normal life of adults.

5. For this purpose it is necessary to think over in advance and more seriously to treat the organization of life of family, considering the interests of all. For example, toys which demand many movements and a scope need to be given on the street during walk. If parents have a rest after the working day or the senior children study lessons, it is better to occupy the child with quiet games. For example, to suggest to draw, look at pictures or to be engaged in cubes.

6. Giving the chance to play to the kid independently, it is necessary to know that it needs communication with adults, their help or instructions. Parents or the senior children need also to show interest in a game of the younger child, from time to time to ask: "Well, show what you made?", "And where you go?" and so on.

7. But the most important is to support important the aspiration of the child to devote the adult in the game. For this purpose it is worth not only approving or praising it, but also to ask questions which will force it to complicate a game and to make its not only longer, but also interesting.

8. It is possible to maintain interest in a game also the participation in a game. But all these actions need to be done, without imposing to the child of content of a game at all, and trying to complicate only it or to bring it a variety and to make it more intelligent, developing ability to finish begun, to overcome small difficulties in the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team