How to teach to play the child on a piano

How to teach to play the child on a piano

Where and how to teach the child to play a piano? Many owners of the mother's or grandmother's tool face this question and also those who have an opportunity to buy it. Options not so much. It is possible to send future pianist to music school or to the private teacher. But regardless of that, you will find the teacher or not, you need to understand at least partly that to what, the little musician the most part of time will be engaged at home.

It is required to you

  • - ""School of playing a piano"";
  • - self-instruction manual of playing a piano.


1. Advantages of music school are obvious. There the child not only will learn to play, but also will receive comprehensive musical preparation. It is important that upon termination of the document of the state sample with which it is possible to come to average special educational institution of the corresponding profile is issued. At the same time all the same, on what tool the child will study, the piano course is included surely into the program.

2. If the music school is not in your plans, but you want that the child after all mastered this tool, find the private teacher. It is better to make it according to the recommendation someone from acquaintances. Also the mixed option is possible. At first the pupil masters elements of a piano game at the private teacher, and then passes into music school. If, of course, there are desire and abilities.

3. To train the child most — an extreme case even if you the professional musician and well know a technique. But it is necessary to help the little musician, especially at the beginning. Create him conditions. Look how he sits. The chair has to be without armrests. It is necessary to put it so that the re key of the first octave was opposite to a navel of the young pianist. If the child of small growth and a leg do not reach it pedals, put a small bench or put several thick books. While the pianist does not use a pedal, legs have to stand exactly and rest against a support. Put couple of books also on a chair seat.

4. Attend several lessons. Usually it is allowed also at music school, and at the private teacher. Pay attention to landing. Try to check a correct posture and setting of hands during the house classes. Pay special attention to that hands of the little pianist were free.

5. Pay special attention to correctness of movements. The fingertip needs to be put on the middle of a key. It is important even when the child does not know sharps and flats yet. Some teachers give exercises both on white at once, and on black keys that the beginner got used to the correct sound extraction at once.

6. It is possible that you should learn notes. It is possible to master musical notation along with the child. If creatively to approach business, occupation, quite difficult for the younger school student, can turn into an interesting game. Let your musician will teach you to find the necessary notes on a musical staff, and then — on the keyboard. Learn also designations of a fingering. The thumb in notes for a piano is always noted by unit, index — the two and so on. Fingers of both hands are designated equally. You watch that the child from the very beginning used the correct fingering.

7. You should remember also designations of dlitelnost. If you after all decided to give the first lessons independently, explain to the child what is the whole note and as it looks. Even very little pianist with ease remembers halves and chetvertushka if for the first time to him it is explained clearly. Show him as orange or apple is divided into 2 or 4 parts. To sounds there is the same. The child has to acquire a reference point — the whole note.

8. At first the same exercise is executed in turn by the right and left hand. Then the beginner plays several sounds of exercise by one hand, and the following — another. By this principle practically all textbooks are constructed. Only after the child will learn to elicit equally well sounds separate hands, it is possible to pass to studying chords.

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