How to teach to put and read the child

How to teach to put and read the child

By preparation for school special attention is paid to training in the account. It is quite difficult process demands from the child of many skills – ability to quickly be guided, abstract, display numbers on simpler. It is the best of all to teach it from the most early age.


1. Acquaint the child with digital cubes in the first year of life – help it to build cubes in a row or to construct of them a turret, giving at the same time numbers. Then acquaint him with a quantitative concept of each figure. One apple is designated by figure 1, two apples are designated by figure 2, etc. Loudly and accurately you say names of figures.

2. Use evident material for classes. It is difficult for small children to abstract therefore take for the explanations candies, cookies, fruit, toys, pencils, etc. To teach the child to consider and put within ten simply. At the child always at themselves two palms with 10 fingers which will help to count quickly. Quickly to master the account on fingers, the child has to be trained quickly to show the necessary number of fingers. Begin with prime numbers – 1 and 2, 5 and 10, 10 and 9. Help the child to cope with badly obeying fingers of hands. You do not hurry, let the child consider slowly.

3. Acquaint the child about how many candies (4 and 2). Thus, touch possible options of receiving number 6 (1+5, 2+4, 3+3, 4+2, 5+1), emphasizing that every time turns out number 6. Be not upset if every time the child recalculates candies. Be patient. Once he will understand what you try to explain. In the same way sort structure of all numbers from 2 to 10, and later – up to 20. Do not try to impose to the child of occupation. Use any opportunity for explanations: when the child is treated with candies when you cut apple on segments, and cake on pieces.

4. That the child did not miss, invent interesting stories where it is necessary to help, for example, brothers squash, to be divided into two groups, and to sisters cherries to get in couples in the lodges or how many mushrooms the hedgehog that the treat was enough for all needed to pick. Training the child in addition and subtraction, draw, you mold together with the kid, so he will quicker master the account.

5. Use the help of special grants. Practically it is possible to find a huge number of literature on training in mathematics of children of different age in any bookstore. Grants are developed by teachers and psychologists. Usually they represent simple and interesting tasks. Do not overload the child with performance of tasks. For successful development of the account of 10-15-minute daily classes will be enough.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team