How to teach to put on independently

How to teach to put on independently

Before receipt to kindergarten the child has to be able not go to a pot and is a spoon, but also to put on independently. After a year children like to play with clothes, especially from adult, try to put on footwear, caps and socks of parents. And after 1.5 years it is possible to begin training as it is correct to put on things.


1. Allow the child to put on most in early of a vozrastekogd the kid shows the first desire to put on independently, do not interfere with it. Let puts on what wants, and do not forget to praise for its initiative.

2. Get convenient odezhdupered how to teach to put on independently the child, choose those things which he will be able easily to try on. Clothes, even socks, have to be a little free, a mouth of t-shirts and jackets not too narrow. The less will be buttons and rivets, the better.

3. Play clothing-razdevaniyeigry especially help when the child does not want to put on. Show to girls how it is correct to put on, on dolls, and to boys – on soft toys. Prepare for yourself and the child an identical set of clothes and show what behind what to put on.

4. Do not help the child of an odevatsyasnachal let the kid tries to put on itself as can. You only observe. Help it in case he begins to be nervous that cannot cope with clothes or when it approaches you and will ask about it.

5. Do not change clothes at once of a rebenkayesla your child puts on incorrectly, do not hurry to take off from it clothes and to put on it as it is necessary. Correct its "errors" after a while.

6. You pass from a lung to more slozhnomurebenok has to at first be able to put on undershirts, pants, shorts, slippers, then jackets without fasteners and trousers on an elastic band. The next stage – things with velcros, buttons, lightnings, outerwear (jackets and overalls). Then footwear on velcros. It is possible not to hurry with laces. Over time he to learn to tie them.

7. Teach the child as correctly odevatsyashtana, jackets, t-shirts and socks have to have drawings on front side that the child could be guided, how exactly to him put on a thing.

8. Allocate for clothing to enough vremenena it is necessary to hurry before an exit to the street. Count at least half an hour on this process not to be nervous and to finish the business begun by the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team