How to teach to read the child in house conditions

How to teach to read the child in house conditions

In connection with the high requirements for receipt in the first class many parents of preschool children are concerned by what their child, having reached age of 5 years, is not able to read yet. Who has no time to be engaged with the child, those safely give the child on various training courses and circles for preschool children. More pragmatic parents are engaged with the child of the house. They have a question: ""How to teach to read the child in house conditions?""


1. First of all the first classes with the child of 5 years have to no more than 7-8 minutes last. The kid is not fully aware that the parent wants from him therefore will not be able long to concentrate at a lesson. Up to this point all his life consisted in games, dances or jumps. Therefore be not overzealous.

2. Do not apply to the 5-year-old child a technique of reading words entirely. For such age it is necessary to pick up a poslogovy method. With it you will be helped by both Zaytsev's cubes, and Zhukova's abc-book N.S. Rebenok will learn to make syllables, will visually remember them, and will make words of the turned-out syllables later.

3. You will be able to teach the child to read in house conditions if you learn at first not letters, namely sounds. It is simpler to transform them to syllables and to the whole word. More difficult a situation at which the child already learned the name of letters, for example: ES instead of S. Togd's sound should explain to the child that the letter never goes separately, and is considered in the context of the whole word. It will be more difficult to bring such child to training in syllables therefore zealously and patience explain that Z-E aspires to letter E, ZE syllable turns out. Surely sing this syllable for the continuity of a sound.

4. Much - does not mean well. Do not load the child a large number of syllables. Begin from 2-6 syllables before their full assimilation. Only after that increase quantity. If you begin to read in house conditions with studying letters, then you learn at first vowels And, And, At, E, then make simple syllables of them, and later add consonants.

5. After the child learned to spell, check intelligence of the turned-out word. For example, R and Ma's two syllables turns into Ram's word. A big mistake of parents is the requirement of intelligence not only a word, but also all offer in general. It is necessary to understand that so far the child develops the equipment and is not capable to understand all offer. Only with experience the understanding of read will come.

6. Classes with the child of 5 years and have to be more senior regular, but short, that is daily 12-16 minutes. Thus at the child the assiduity which is so vital at school is developed. Too long occupation with the child will lead to negative perception.

7. When studying reading by the child your purpose is the combination of different fonts. If you with the child read according to the abc-book, then the kid can get used to such font, and another will not be able to read any more. Therefore make syllables and words of different magnets on the fridge, write the child syllables and words with different fonts, read different words on packings of products.

8. Do not forget to praise the child for each his success in this work, hard for it. Even if something is impossible to the kid, encourage him, believe in his success, then results will not keep themselves waiting long. Have patience and do not abuse the child for misunderstandings something in reading at all, otherwise at the child there will pass desire to read. If you feel suddenly irritation on occupation with the child, then take a break, take breath and cool down or ask to finish a lesson to someone from members of household. To teach the child to read in house conditions it is possible, the best teacher will be mom who loves, will support and will praise the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team