How to teach to talk the small child

How to teach to talk the small child

That the small child began to talk, adults have to be engaged with him as much as possible. For this purpose it is necessary to communicate, play with him, to develop his fine motor skills of hands. All these and many other actions will give a huge charge of positive emotions as to you, and the kid.

Constant communication

At the age of a year the child understands almost everything that you tell him. Only he can not always answer. All children begin to talk at different age therefore you should not worry strongly if yours the baby does not answer you yet. Just communicate with the kid as much as possible. And be not lisped with him and do not distort language: present that your child — the adult with whom you communicate as equals. Of course, you should not devote the kid in your problems at work and to tell him other similar things.

Read to the child as much as possible. Children's verses and fairy tales perfectly will be suitable for the smallest. Only books have to be bright, have many color pictures. Tell the kid what is represented in the book. Also you should not refuse children's cartoons. Let your child watch them no more than half an hour in day. And the lexicon of your child quickly to be enriched.

Being on the street, tell the baby about everything that is created around. For example, if on the road the dog runs, show to the child it. Later tell him that she took a walk, now runs home to the children. Place emphasis on actions of people around: the woman goes, the man sits, the car goes, etc. Also the kid has to distinguish the sizes. For this purpose explain to him that there are a big house and the small building, a small bush and a huge tree.

The developing games

Through short time the lexicon of the child will quickly be enriched, time of the developing games will come. You approach objects and you ask the kid to call them. Only be patient: do not force it to play at all, otherwise at it any desire to enrich the lexicon and to develop thinking will be gone. The huge role is also played by fine motor skills of hands. Than better it is developed, that the kid cleverer. Do massage of fingers of the child, give it small objects and you ask it to bring together them. Also here you will be come to the rescue by nurseries scores and other toys. Let the kid string on a string of a bead, molds from plasticine, draws.

Communication with peers

Send the kid to kindergarten. Communication with peers is necessary for it. However, the child can often begin to be ill as he will be infected by other children. In this case it is better for a while to cease to drive the baby in kindergarten. And how communication with peers? Walk with it at the playground more, you drive it to parks, special circles. By the way, now there is a set of the organizations where develop children, play with them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team