How to teach to train the child

How to teach to train the child

The child needs gradually to be trained for independent adulthood. It is important that he was able to observe personal hygiene, to maintain purity in the house and to cook food. Then he will be your true assistant.


1. Begin training of the child with small. You ask the kid to help up to six years to you when you prepare. Present him a beautiful apron. Let the child will wash vegetables or will give you something. Ask it to touch grain or to stir something. The kid will like to stir dough and to mold from it. Involve the child in cooking gradually. Try to awaken in it interest in this occupation. The help to you in cooking should not be for the child a heavy duty. Let to it it will be cheerful, for this purpose it is possible to change cooking in fascinating game process. After preparation surely let's the child taste fruits of your general work. It is possible to try various ingredients and on the preparation course.

2. Charge to the child more difficult actions when to him the seventh year went. Now he can participate in cooking process almost as equals with you, but has to understand that you the chief cook who needs to obey in everything. Choose simple culinary recipes for preparation them together with the child. The dish should not be cooked too long, your child cannot wait to try it. The child has to feel like your assistant, understand responsibility of affairs which trust him. Now the child can learn to use a knife, to independently make sandwiches. Explain to him on the course of preparation together with it of a lunch in what proportions products for various dishes undertake.

3. Charge to the child most to prepare a simple dish when he is already ten years old. If he watched how you prepare, helped you since early childhood, then now he is quite ready for independent preparation. Let him ask you how to make any given action, and consults on you on the course of preparation of a dish.

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