How to teach to utter the child ""l"

How to teach to utter the child ""l"

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Any child is not able to talk since the birth, and does not begin to speak accurately and without mistakes as soon as he learns to put the first words and offers. Therefore prematurely you should not panic concerning defects in pronunciation, of course. Though, undoubtedly, how the child will speak, first of all depends on parents.


1. As physicians consider, the child perceives and remembers world around sounds till the birth, and, having been born, can already distinguish sounds of the native language. Only for the time being is not able to put into words what wants. The organs of articulation are formed later, and somewhere by 5-6 years the speech of the child already almost does not differ from the speech of the adult. Certainly, speech development in each child happens differently – quicker or more slowly. But anyway communicate with the kid from the cradle. Let listens to you – he will surely repeat various sounds after you including the letter "l".

2. At first teach the child to operate lips and language, carrying out with him various movements for the correct articulation – let moves language in different directions, licks lips, concerns language of each tooth, extends differently lips, will blow on a ball, etc. These exercises are called "we brush teeth", "tasty jam", "painter". Turn your classes into a game that it was interesting to it.

3. After such warm-up let will clink a uvula as "horse", presses language to the sky and in such situation opens and closes a mouth.

4. Ask the child to clamp a uvula between lips and to say a sound "ы": as a rule, "l" as you also wanted turns out.

5. Read and learn rhymes where the letter "l" often sounds with the kid.

6. That the child distinguished firm and soft "l", find such pictures on which the corresponding words, for example, flags flasks, the boat herring, etc. are represented.

7. You sit down with the child in front of the mirror and you say various sounds, and among them the letter "l", he will see himself and you that will allow it easier to correct the errors in pronunciation.

8. If you are disturbed after all how the kid speaks, it is worth looking for the book for the logopedist or the collection of exercises for pronunciation working off.

9. If in five years the child does not utter the letter "l", then address the logopedist in children's consultation or, maybe, in kindergarten where logopedic groups often are engaged. There are certain techniques of a training of language, and the logopedist will work with the child and will give exercises on the house. Be quiet and patient, and you will soon forget that the pronunciation problem in general existed.

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