How to teach to write competently

How to teach to write competently

As soon as the child begins to learn to output the first small letters, teachers together with parents want to teach him to write in school without mistakes. But not all children identical, and someone with ease is given spelling, and someone cannot cope even with the simplest words.


1. First of all, it is not necessary to refer to the fact that the literacy is descended. The literacy needs to be developed, and for this purpose it is necessary to try very much.

2. Because, to write child will be how competent, the correctness of the speech of the people surrounding it, namely parents depends.

3. It is necessary to accustom the child to reading. The book is the chief assistant in development of skills of spelling. When reading at the child the visual memory and by that he remembers correctness of writing of many words is developed.

4. It is necessary to develop sharpness of attention at the child. He has to learn to concentrate. It will help it not to be distracted by various trifles, for example, at doing homework. It can be done by the various training games.

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