How to tell children about music

How to tell children about music

To tell children about creativity, often address writers, composers, artists – people of creative professions. Through music, a word, the drawing, it is possible to show more brightly and more well to children greatness and a charm of the art making huge impact on us.


1. If you decided to tell children about Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's music, then at acquaintance to works of this composer it is necessary to allow children to listen to record of the works "Children's Album" and "Seasons".

2. After listening you pass to discussion of the contents and character heard. Let children will tell about the impressions of the piece of music. Such emotional readiness will allow you to tell children about music and about the composer.

3. The contents of your story about the composer have to include interesting information on the childhood when his talent was shown. For example, Tchaikovsky or Mozart composed and executed the first musical creations in 5-6 years. It will be an example for children, will install belief in that, as they can once become talented people.

4. Continuing the story to children about music, pay attention to that fact that the composer about whom you tell wrote down music by means of notes (show to children of a note). Explain that he made it in order that any musician could execute his piece of music.

5. Suggest children to try to play on notes on the tool. Children will understand what at them will not turn out without knowledge of musical notation. And what is necessary for performance of the piece of music studies.

6. Tell about a role of the performer who is a creative person too. Show to children portraits of the glorified performers. Ask to answer children questions: What the performer is necessary for? Why he has to be the creative and talented person? Explain that thanks to performers of pieces of music, we can listen to what was written by the composer.

7. Further telling about music to children, teach to listen to great works. Let's listen to children to the play "Doll Disease" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Explain why they felt grief of the girl at which the doll ached. Someone from children could hear cry girls. Thus, children learn to listen and understand music. Tell how it is important to listen attentively to music to understand of what feelings the composer wanted to inform us.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team