How to tell children of the fairy tale

How to tell children of the fairy tale

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The fairy tale – the satellite of the childhood of any child. Tales of animals, magic fairy tales are capable to deck the world all paints. For several minutes the child together with the adult can be had to the wonderful world filled with unprecedented heroes and adventures. The fascinating narration will always get a response from your child. Children are the most grateful listeners.

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1. Tell new fairy tales in persons, imitating a deep and rough voice of a bear, flattering intonation of a fox or a sad voice of the offended hare. It will help the kid not only to quickly remember the fairy tale, but also to present her heroes more brightly.

2. Use additional objects during the narration: a crown for the princess, a kerchief on the head for Mashenki, a toy frog for the fairy tale "Frog princess". It will recover your fairy tale and will carry away the kid.

3. As soon as the child well remembers all fairy tale, suggest it to undertake a role of the pleasant character or at once several heroes (for example, in the fairy tale "Tower").

4. Try to tell the fairy tale and at the same time to draw or mold her main characters. Preview of illustrations to the fairy tale will help to orient with the choice of a plot for drawing.

5. Puppet theater – one more good means for illustration of fairy tales. Choose fairy tales with a small amount of characters ("Masha and a bear", "Cone"). The finger-type theater will suit absolutely little fans of the fairy tale. The two-year-old kid can help the adult with telling, putting on the image of the hero of the fairy tale a finger.

6. Think out fairy tales where main a character is your child. He can quite become the hero of the fairy tale "Malchik-s-palchik", "Little Red Riding Hood". Children like to listen to a story about themselves. Besides, such fairy tales – good means for correction or education at the child of certain traits of character.

7. Tell the "wrong" fairy tales ("the Blue Hat", "A cat in boots", etc.). Add to familiar fairy tales by other characters. Such fairy tales in a new way amuse the child, develop his imagination.

8. For the story before going to bed choose well familiar fairy tales. You speak quietly and peaceful. Your task not to strike the child with artful designs of a fantastic plot, and to calm, prepare for sleeping, to lull the kid.

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