How to tell that HIV is sick

How to tell that HIV is sick

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To tell that HIV is sick it is a serious psychological problem. If you have a native or loved one, then sooner or later it is necessary to decide on straight talk. Therefore to the person, sick HIV, it is necessary to be adjusted correctly on a conversation.

How to tell that it is sick Vichzhizn with HIV - it is serious psychological crisis which is characterized by sharp sincere experiences. Generally at many people after diagnosis emotional disorders begin. The person begins to look in a different way at himself, the relationship with relatives and friends, at all world around.

There are fears: how to live further to whom and as to tell about it, fear of death. He understands that life will change now: friendly and family relations, possibility of search of new work. The person has thoughts of rejection by its society.

How to decide to tell that HIV is sick

Sooner or later before the person there is a question: how to tell relatives and the family that HIV is sick? As a rule, in such families there is a deterioration in the relations. The person because of fear to be outcast, ceases to communicate with friends and tries to self-insulate from society. To admit to the person that he is sick with HIV, is not easy. Even thoughts of such conversation cause concern and alarm, fear of refusal in support. To begin a conversation it is possible to use a plot from the movie or a roller on this subject. Also do not hide the feelings at all. Tell about how you worry, and then it will be easier for you to talk to the family about that, what do they think of it. The main thing, try to be frank and ready to understand how not easy now to your close people that they can negatively and sharply accept this news. It is at the moment difficult to them to accept and realize that you are sick with HIV. Be not afraid to talk on HIV and to the friends, tell about the experiences and share information, important for you.

Life later …

It is necessary to support the person having HIV and to explain to him that it is necessary to speak about the problem openly. During this period the sick HIV need support of close people and an opportunity to talk about the fears, disorders and experiences. In certain cases to the person psychological assistance can demand. The main thing, are not afraid to address the psychologist. It is also possible to communicate to the person who already have experience of life with HIV and to obtain information of practical character, important for itself. Do not avoid subject HIV, try to overcome loneliness, look for answers to questions, difficult for you, and help other people who appeared in the same hard life situation. Almost each person finds for himself a way of existence with a disease. To remember the main thing that life goes on in spite of the fact that a lot of things in it changed.

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