How to tell the child about animals

How to tell the child about animals

Children grow, develop and begin to study the world around. They are interested literally everything, questions pour on parents, in abundance. And one of topics which interest little why-askers is the fauna. As it is correct to tell children about animals?


1. Buy absolutely young naturalists cards with the image of animals. Accompany each card with short stories about animals: as they are called where live that is eaten and as "talk". The good assistant in stories about animals are audiofairy tales in which the kid himself will be able to hear as the kitten mews, the cow or as geese do crown to hectare – hectare – hectare lows.

2. Read to the kid cheerful verses and stories about dumb animals. Choose books with bright illustrations that the child could not only listen to the amusing poem on a hare, but also see his image on the picture. When the baby grows up, acquire the good encyclopedia about fauna in which interesting information is followed by colourful photos and images.

3. From time to time you watch documentaries about the nature, in them animals are shown in the native habitat. At first fluently watch the movie that then it was not necessary to explain to the kid not absolutely partial moments of animal hunting or the marriage period at animals. Choose the kind good movies recommended for children's viewing where show the general moments from life of animals. Buy the kid a disk with cheerful animated films about animals. It is the best of all if it are old Soviet cartoons.

4. You go with the child to circus on cheerful representation with participation of animals. Let the kid in an intermission will be photographed with someone from "actors". Usually children love circus and with delight watch the trained animals. Campaigns in a zoo are very useful to children's development and expansion of an outlook too. Take the camera to imprint the most cheerful and interesting moments. Such excursion in fauna will present to the child the mass of impressions and invaluable experience of communication with dumb animals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team