How to tell the child about death

How to tell the child about death

Each parent has to be ready that his kid will ask about what is death. At the same time it is desirable to be prepared for such conversation in advance, and it is even better, to begin it independently. But how to be at right words what in general It is necessary to tell to the kid? What to begin so serious conversation with? What to tell and what it is better to hold back?


1. Many parents try not to touch as long as possible upon death subject with the kid that it did not sadden his childhood. Actually better beforehand and in a form, available to the child, to tell him about death. Such conversation not only will take place easily, but also will allow you to prepare the kid for the inevitable future.

2. It is possible to tell the child about death in 3-4 years. At the same time phrases have to be the simplest. For example, you can explain to him that old flowers on beds die in the fall, but on their place new grow in the spring. We remember flowers which blossomed here last year, we will remember also these.

3. If in your family there was a trouble, and someone from the child's relatives died, you should not suppress this fact from the kid. Tell better that, for example, the grandmother was ill, already lived much and saw a lot of things. Now she lives not with us any more, but she constantly watches us and continues the life in our hearts and memoirs.

4. Many children take the death of the pet also very painfully, and in it there is nothing unnatural. It is quite normal that the child grieves. Your task is to support the kid and also to present him the fact of death of the favourite as much as possible softly.

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