How to tell the daughter about periods

How to tell the daughter about periods

The organism of the growing girl begins to change promptly after eight years. From this age at her secondary sexual characteristics begin to be formed, and periods come, as a rule, by 12-15 years.

The conversation with the teenage girl about the changes occurring in her organism has to take place surely. Doctors consider that it is better to tell about periods earlier, than to be late with a conversation. Modern girls mature quicker, than their mothers and grandmothers matured once. It is connected with food and a rhythm of modern life. The body of the girl begins to change intensively from 8 years.

The girl quickly grows, by 9-10 years the teenage girl has hair in axillary hollows, the breast begins to increase. Till "Women's Days" there are 2-3 years, and it is important to manage to explain how the girl will become a girl.

It is the simplest to speak about women's to girls with mothers or elder sisters. It is possible to ask to lead such discussion the aunt or the grandmother. However, it is the best of all if to the daughter everything is explained by mom. The conversation needs to be begun confidentially, quietly, but at the same time it has to be serious, the girl has to feel its importance. Mom can define age when the conversation takes place, most, but from 10 years "early" will not be any more. It is possible to tell the daughter that in the next several years at her periods can begin and in detail tell her about that, what does it mean. Be not afraid to call things by their proper names, the main thing — tone which you speak. It is necessary to explain that blood allocations will go from a uterus monthly, and at the same time with pleasure to report that only this way the girl will be able to become a mom in the future. It is possible to tell that periods are a little painful, and before them she can be capricious several days. It is important to emphasize that "Women's Days" happen at all women, and at you too, and only therefore your daughter was born. It is very seriously necessary to talk about hygiene in special days, to tell the girl as it is correct to use laying how many days go allocations. It is necessary to emphasize importance of water procedures and to explain that it is correct to be washed away and take a shower at periods twice a day. Tell the daughter that purity — guarantee of female health. The girl will surely remember your words even if at the same time she will be confused. Whether to speak with the daughter about pregnancy, it is possible to solve on the conversation course. If the girl is ready you to listen, it is possible to tell her about how there occurs pregnancy. But psychologists advise not to force an event and to postpone this conversation for other case. Normal periods at teenage girls come in 12-15 years. If your daughter ripened up to 10 years, or there are no periods after 15 years, it is necessary to see a doctor. The problem can be caused by violation of a hormonal background, or just your child special.

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