How to temper the baby

How to temper the baby

The tempered baby upsets the parents with catarrhal diseases much less often. The simple tempering procedures train all systems of an organism of the kid. The immunity becomes stronger, the cardiac vascular system trains, the metabolism amplifies – the organism of the tempered child with success resists to the virus attacks even at the height of influenzal epidemic. The sun, air and water – the best friends of the baby!

It is required to you

  • - sun;
  • - air;
  • - water;


1. How to temper the baby. Sun. At a lack of ultraviolet of an organism of the baby there is a deficiency of vitamin D. Walks in the fresh air – a great way to receive the necessary dose of ultraviolet and to intensify production of vitamin D. It is necessary to prepare For solar bathtubs of the child gradually. The first solar bathtubs need to be carried out to shadows of a tree or a special awning at air temperature not below 22 degrees Celsius. It is necessary to begin since three-four minutes, gradually increasing duration of a solar bathtub. The head of the child has to be surely covered by the Panamanian. You watch a condition of the child during acceptance of a solar bathtub. At the first signs of discomfort or concern it is desirable to interrupt the procedure.

2. How to temper the baby. Air. Provide to the child an opportunity to be as often as possible in the fresh air. Going with the kid to walk, do not muffle up him. Dressing him on walk, follow the simple rule – clothes on the child has to be as much layers how many and on you, plus one more layer. You should not be frightened cool weather. The only unacceptable weather for walks of the baby is a windy weather and also the frost is below 15 degrees Celsius. All other weathers perfectly are suitable for walks with the small child. Do not forget to provide inflow of fresh air to the room in which there is a baby. At least four-five times a day it is necessary to air the room, and during the summer period it is desirable to hold windows opened constantly. At the same time it is necessary to watch that in the room there was no draft.

3. How to temper the baby. Water. Water procedures – fine means for hardening of the kid. It is possible to carry daily hygienic bathtubs to the first water tempering procedures. For strengthening of effect you should not do water in a bathtub too hot. Children about one year comfortably feel at water temperature 36-37 °. It is desirable to finish bathing with rinsing by water which is couple degrees more cool, than in the bathroom. Besides hygienic bathtubs it is possible to temper the baby by means of damp rubdowns. Rub off the child the soft flannel moistened in warm water then pound him a soft fluffy towel before emergence of easy reddening of integuments. Water temperature for wetting of a flannel is gradually reduced, of 32-33 ° till 28-27 °. Duration of the tempering procedure – 5-6 minutes.

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