How to temper the child's water

How to temper the child's water

To save the child from frequent colds, to strengthen his immunity and also to increase organism resilience to infectious and viral diseases, it is necessary to hold a complex of preventive events. Water hardening – the most effective and effective method of prevention.


1. Begin hardening with water during the summer period or in the early fall, preferably in the morning. If weather solar and warm, do it on the street. Indoors air temperature has to be within 21-23 degrees.

2. You carry out water hardening in a complex together with other methods – with svetovozdushny or solar bathtubs. And also combine the tempering procedures together with physical exercises and the general massage.

3. Bring a hardening element when holding ordinary water procedures to the child (washing, a podmyvaniye, bathing). It is also possible to carry out the procedure of hardening during acceptance of a hygienic bathtub.

4. Choose such methods of water hardening which suit age of your child. Such methods a little: general bathtub, douche, damp rubdown, contrast shower. If your child is not 6 months old, bathe the kid daily at the water temperature of 36-37 degrees within five minutes, and then pour over him water with a temperature 1-2 degrees lower. Gradually reduce water temperature at douche to 25-26 degrees.

5. To one-year-old kids you carry out douche by water with a reference temperature of 35-37 degrees and then each 4-5 days lower it by 1 degree, having brought, thus, to a mark 28 degrees. At first pour over a back, then a breast, a tummy and, in the last turn, handles and legs. At children from 2 to 4 years reduce water temperature to 24-25 degrees, and pour over children up to 7 years water in 22-23 degrees.

6. Since two-year age, put the kid under a two-minute cool shower, and then well pound the child's body a towel before emergence of redness on skin.

7. An important part of water procedures are damp rubdowns. Use for this purpose a soft terry towel, or a special mitten from similar material. Rubdowns are shown to children already from two-month age. Gradually reduce water temperature at rubdowns, since 35-36 degrees and bringing to 26-27 degrees.

8. You carry out contrast douche by hot and cold water only provided that the child quite well postpones all procedures. But children of preschool age are not recommended to carry out a similar method of water hardening.

9. When hardening children of any age adhere to the following basic principles: - begin procedures at any age; - you hold the tempering events systematically; - increase gradually time of influence of the tempering factor; - pay attention to mood of the child, you carry out procedures in the form of a game; - never you carry out procedures if the kid is sick or froze, do not allow overcooling of the child; - avoid long impact of cold water or overheating on the sun and also low air temperature; - participate together with the child in procedures of hardening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team