How to temper the kid

How to temper the kid

The kid can impart love for a healthy lifestyle from early age. Hardenings are necessary for formation of the strong immune system, prevention of catarrhal diseases and harmonious development of the child.


1. Make sure before the tempering procedures that the kid is completely healthy. Ideal time to start hardening – summer when there is warm weather with the minimum temperature fluctuations. Procedures need to be carried out regularly, gradually increasing their duration.

2. Begin hardening with air bathtubs. Optimum air temperature in the room of the child of 20 - 22 wasps. During the day 4 – 5 times air the room, but at this time the kid in the room should not be. Leave the baby without clothes for several minutes during disguise. Also air bathtubs can be combined with chest feeding, the kid will suck more actively a breast and not to fill up.

3. Carry out walks with the baby on 10 – 15 minutes and finish them till 1.5 - 2 o'clock 2 times a day. Temperature on the street should not be lower - 15 wasps. If several days cost hard frosts, then replace walks with a dream in a carriage on the balcony.

4. Start water hardening from second month of life of the child. Begin morning with washing with water with the temperature of 26 - 28 wasps and over time lower it to 20 wasps. Rub off the child's body the terry towel moistened in water. Water temperature for a start has to be 34 wasps, then reduce it on 0.5 wasps daily to 23 wasps. To the one-year-old child pour over legs cool water (begin with 30 wasps and bring to 20 wasps).

5. Put or put the kid in a bathtub and water him from a ladle, at first legs and buttocks, and then a breast, a stomach and shoulders. On the head it is not necessary to pour water. Such procedure can be carried out from half a year of life of the child after morning exercises. Water temperature has to be 35 wasps. Reduce on 1 wasps in 3 days in the summer, and in the winter – in 6 days and stop on 28 wasps.

6. Carry out daily sveto-air bathtubs at 10 – 11 o'clock in the morning and after 16 o'clock in the evening. Begin hardening at a temperature of 22 - 24 wasps in a penumbra. At first open for the kid of a leg, the next day – a tummy, etc. On the child's head always there has to be a cap. In a week undress the child completely for several minutes.

7. Select the tempering procedures depending on an emotional condition of the child. The calming baths and warm tea before going to bed, and for quiet – douches, the invigorating shower are suitable for irritable children. Turn hardenings into a game that the kid derived from it pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team