How to the child to cope with pronunciation of a sound р?

How to the child to cope with pronunciation of a sound р?

When the small child begins to talk it usually causes strong admiration of surrounding relatives: grandmothers and grandfathers, aunt and uncle and of course parents. But time flies and the child cannot master some subtleties of the speech. Careful mummies and daddies run to the logopedist or undertake to read all information on what with it to do. But here it is necessary to understand first of all why р so hard it is given and as it is possible to help the child to get along with this case.

It is considered to be that the full speech has to be given to the child at the age of 2-3 years. But if it it happened you hurry to panic. It is not obligatory to run to the logopedist at all, just you should be engaged with the child in an articulation, perhaps it will take a lot of your time, but it is worth it. You only need to give classes in the form of a game forcing the child to try to say at last that as it is necessary. But nevertheless if there passed 3-4 years, and your exercises and efforts did not yield result, nevertheless it is necessary to address the expert.

Most likely the doctor will help you to define with what the main problem of pronunciation consists. Quite often the letter r is just replaced with others. For example l or й. Besides visit of the specialist logopedist will help you to be convinced that your child has no dizartriya. Though of course in rare instances the disease can be confirmed on the contrary.

But we will come back to that stage when everything can be corrected. In what exactly exercises you should be engaged with the child? First clear for yourself some facts which will help to save your child from possible the subsequent problems:

  • Very often speak about pronunciation of letters. But letters are what we write. And we utter sounds. Therefore initially calling things by their proper names, you will help the child not to be confused in the future and to be more competent.
  • Exercises have to please the child. Remember, first of all, occupations have to bring him pleasure. The result of course is not less important, but nevertheless you should not resort to tyranny achieving the objective.
  • Classes have to be regularly. Daily exercises will be ideal. Try to find time for the native little man.

So, exercises:

Exercise No. 1 Horse

Present that you went to a horse travel and imitate horse racing a sound. Create clatter tearing off language from the sky. There is a lot of variations of exercise: who quicker, who is louder, who longer.

Exercise No. 2 Driver

Now we learn to operate a horse. She at us trained. For this purpose that she stopped her it is necessary to give the command to a tpr! Stopped? Went further! (We repeat a horse)

Exercise No. 3 Turkey poult

The horse very long jumped and at last came running to the yard. And there are a lot of birds. Whom do we see? Listen that to you will be told by the child. Yes, there are a lot of chickens, ducks and still there are turkey poults. Repeat after me as the turkey poult speaks. To quickly throw out language between lips and teeth. Something similar has to turn out on blr-blr-blr

Exercise No. 4 of Bouncing

Before exercise surely wash up hands. Here it will be convenient to work with a mirror. We continue the story. After the yard to us the lodge met. And in a lodge it is cozy and soft. The mouth is our lodge. And in it there lives the uvula which very much likes to jump. Ask the child to find sofas (so we will call for the child of an alveolus) on a ceiling of its lodge, and then suggest a uvula to jump from these sofas and to a floor. Not from teeth, namely from sofas.

Exercise No. 5 Wind

While to us it was warm and cozy in a lodge on the street raged strong vetryugan. Show to the child how to imitate wind and let repeats after you. Lips have to be in a half-smile, and a uvula all on the same sofas and at the same time you need to blow sharply. It is possible to diversify a game blowing on something showing thereby as strongly wind influences the world around. But surely listen to the turned-out sound. It has to resemble not hissing, and something on Trrrrrr. Hissing says that a uvula not where it should be.

You can invent new stories for these exercises that it was always interesting to child to play it. Do articulation gymnastics: pull language to a nose and a chin. You can study together the tongue twisters containing р or to play other games where it is necessary to growl often. But nevertheless try to lean on the kid not strongly.

You remember, the main thing is a regularity of trainings and your efforts, yours, but not the child. What more you will try to interest him in that the best there will be your result. And one more, everything learned it is necessary to fix therefore have patience and at you surely everything will turn out!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team