How to think up the fairy tale for the child

How to think up the fairy tale for the child

The composition of fairy tales for children can seem to you difficult occupation. Of course, some share of talent for writing has to be present. But believe, it is even interesting. It is just necessary to include imagination.


For a start try to look at things, habitual for you, from other foreshortening. Even thimbles, buttons, a glove, an old lamp and other household trifles can become heroes of your fairy tale. But here, of course, not to do without magic. Characters of the fairy tale should be animated, allocated with human qualities, to force to speak. Many authors among whom G.H. Anderson, Ch. Perrault, used reception of transformation of an inanimate object into the living fantastic being in the creativity. For example, characters of the fairy tale "Ugly duckling" of G.H. Anderson are ordinary inhabitants of the poultry yard. But their speech is clear to us.


Some characters, however, for creation of the fairy tale insufficiently. It is necessary to think up a plot. It is possible to take some interesting life situation as a basis and to replace real characters with fictional heroes. Useful will also be to remember the childhood, friends. For certain, you with them played detectives, went to look for treasures, built sand castles or did figures of little men of chips, flowers and leaves. It can serve as a plot for creation of the fairy tale too. To children it will be very interesting even to learn in this "wrapper" what you were in the childhood.

Also, thinking out a plot, it is possible to use such traditional elements of the fairy tale as an introduction, triple repetitions, the happy end and others. Useful will be to remember also fairy tales which to you at children's age were told for the night by parents. Creating a peculiar collage from pieces of different plots, you, perhaps, will think up something special, original. However here the most important not to overdo and use only the parts combined with your main plot from other fairy tales. Your fairy tale, for example, can look so: "The old pin which rusted from dampness in a corner of a dark closet lay. To it it was sad and very lonely. A door of a tiny window on a roof with a roar slammed from wind. And all and proceeded. But in one winter when a window door once again revealed, in a closet the sparrow flew. He long could not recover the breath …", etc. It is also possible to think out fairy tales household, about animals, etc. Here you as the assistant will be served by life experience and observation. You can involve in writing of the children. It precisely will be pleasant to them. They on the run invent different stories. Thus, all depends on your irrepressible imagination and also the number of the read or heard fairy tales. Perhaps, somewhere in you the most true writer of children's books sits.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team