How to tie a diaper

How to tie a diaper

Disposable diapers, of course, are very comfortable and therefore win the increasing popularity among mothers. But an artificial system fans of natural swaddling exist not all to liking, and still – the child is surrounded with natural fabrics, harm for the environment is less and, at last, there is no need to buy constantly packings of disposable diapers.

It is required to you

  • - diaper of 90х120 or 70х120 in size.


1. In order that to stickto reusable a diaper, take a piece of fabric of the size of a diaper (90х120 cm or 70х120 cm). It is good if edges of fabric are processed overloky or are simply hemmed with one bend. In that case threads will not be painted and disturb the kid.

2. Put fabric on a table the short party to yourself and take for the next corners. Connect corners and put a part, closest to yourself in half (a distant part at the same time it will be necessary to lie on a table in one layer).

3. Fold a diaper so that a distant part settled a triangle (an edge to you), and at the same time wrap a near part on the left. Both bends have to go on the center of a triangle.

4. Begin to put the absorbing part of a diaper from a diaper. Recede from the central bend several centimeters to the left and mentally draw a line – it will be the new line of a bend. Turn the rectangle lying at the left to the right.

5. Again recede from the central bend on several centimeters to the right – it will be a new bend. Throw a rectangle to the left. Thus, put it an accordion, increasing thickness of the absorbing part which will be located between legs of the kid.

6. In addition in the absorbing part add if necessary laying from fabric or rags. Thanks to such thickening the diaper will absorb more liquid.

7. Now pay attention to the triangle lying below. To make edges more dense, sprain them on couple of centimeters inside. The diaper is ready.

8. Put the child in a diaper and stretch the absorbing part between legs to a stomach. Clasp with corners of a triangle the kid from sides and tie them on a tummy, having taken the central part. To facilitate renting and clothing of a diaper from fabric, instead of setting of tips just wrap them inside, trying to make it as it is possible more densely.

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