How to train children of traffic regulations

How to train children of traffic regulations

Knowledge of traffic regulations is necessary not only for drivers, but also pedestrians. And it is the is best of all if the correct behavior on the road takes root since childhood, still parents. The earlier the child learns how it is necessary to cross the street, the he will undergo smaller danger.


1. Begin training of the child with the earliest age as soon as he is capable to understand your explanations. In two-three years the child can already acquire and remember a lot of things, and regular repetition of useful skills will make of it the attentive and careful pedestrian to school age, just when it already needs to move on the city independently.

2. Tell the child about basic traffic regulations at home. With it you can be helped by a coloring with the image of the traffic light. Explain to the child that red, yellow and green colors mean, and then suggest it to paint the traffic light correctly. It will help with playful way to fix the received data.

3. Explain rules of conduct at an exit from an entrance. Draw the attention of the child to whether is around the car. Accustom him to look around even if in front of your house there is only interquarter journey.

4. During crossing of the road draw the attention of the child to the traffic light. Repeat to it information given still at home that it is necessary to cross the road only on green light. Also on large recrosses it is possible to mention that if there are several traffic lights, for crossing the road that which is directly opposite to it burns.

5. When crossing the road without traffic light show to the child the crosswalk and explain how it should be used. Always on such transition call the child for attentiveness, that it is necessary to check the road on the right and at the left. Also explain what on transition should not be been late, speak to friends or by phone.

6. Tell that it is possible to determine by alarm indexes of the car whether it will turn and where.

7. Do not hide from the child that even the adult on the road can violate the traffic regulation. Therefore upon transition of the carriageway it is necessary to observe vigilance always.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team