How to train the child in the alphabet

How to train the child in the alphabet

Traditional training in reading begins with studying letters. But many children cannot remember these unclear symbols in any way. For achievement of result it is better to give classes in the form of a game.


1. Cut out several large letters from color cardboard. It is better if it are the vowels or letters concerning most to the child and its relatives. Usually the kid easily remembers letters with which his name and names of his relatives begins. Do not try to capture names of all numerous relatives at once, for a start it is better to stop on 3-5 letters. It is possible to hang up these letters on a foreground and to periodically call them to the child. And it is possible to make a photo album in which there will be a photo of the relative, and be near - "his" letter. Together with the kid consider a photo of relatives, pronounce their names and pay attention to the color "symbols" close to the image. When the child acquires 3-5 letters, the photo album can be filled up with new photos and bright letters.

2. You mold letters from plasticine or the salty test. This occupation allows not only to spend time with interest, but also perfectly develops fine motor skills of the child.

3. That the child quickly learned the alphabet, it is possible to play with it a next game. Represent any given letter own body, for example, get up exactly and place in sides of a hand. This figure will remind letter T. The child has to guess it and repeat after you. Then it is possible to change over.

4. Do letters of calculating sticks, a wire, a rope or a thread. Suggest the child to add the broken letters on paper, i.e. those in which any given element is not traced.

5. Think out also the games on studying letters. Also you remember, the child remembers better information when several types of memory are involved. Therefore classes have to be in the movement, with use of evident materials and a soundtrack.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team