How to train the child to consider

How to train the child to consider

Before school the child already has to master some main skills - for example, to learn to read and consider. The correct training of the child in the account can awaken and strengthen in it interest in further educational activity.


1. Correctly choose time to start training. To age of two-three years the child in the majority is not ready to master the account at the conscious level yet. Nevertheless, it is possible to play with it various calculating games, for example, in "Soroku-voronu". It is also possible to play with it in counting rhymes.

2. Since three years start to an explanation for the child of elements of the account. Explain him concept "one" and it is "a lot of". For this purpose special lessons are not necessary, rather just during the game or on the street to pay its attention to, whether one before you a subject or their set.

3. Then pass to studying figures. For this purpose get ready cards with their large image or make them. Show to the child a card, it is desirable fixing in his consciousness the image of figure with any familiar image. For example: "unit" - "stick". For descriptive reasons use cubes or still any objects that the child understood that he stands behind abstract figures. It is also possible to use calculating sticks. Count with the child that it is close and clear to him, for example, fingers on a hand, the number of family members.

4. Also be used an account method with points. In this case not graphics of figures, but large points in necessary quantity are applied to cards. You explain to the child at first an essence of a concept of number, and then already give it for storing a symbol. Both the first, and second method have the right for existence, and it is possible to choose that which will seem the most interesting to you or the child. With points it is possible to bring in a method also additional aspect. In this case you after studying figures give out to the child of a card, on kotkroy is written "1", "2", "3" and that further. And near the graphic representation of figures the child has to put so many end how many corresponds to the written number. So you will be able to check how the child acquired information.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team