How to transfer loneliness

How to transfer loneliness

When you leave darling and remain some, the world loses the former charm and beauty at once. The loneliness tightens, everything becomes indifferent. Even attempts of friends to entertain you and return to the usual life filled with events can't result in result. Whether there are recipes helping to cope with loneliness?


1. Use time which you spend alone, for the analysis of current situation. At this stage it is important to understand the reasons which brought you to such state. Most often they are not in behavior of other person, and in you. Realize that the loneliness became possible because of some features of your behavior.

2. When there is a wish to see nobody, make the interlocutor the personal diary. Records about the experiences can give the chance to be exempted from the collected negative emotions. When you trust the thoughts to paper, the feeling of loneliness loses the sharpness and relevance. In such a way you can also formulate more clearly the claims to life or the partner whom you left. Returning to records from time to time, you will more accurately manage to understand what happens to you recently, in what a problem root.

3. Try to fill up free time the useful occupations helping to distract from sad thoughts and negative experiences. With it you can be helped by any kinds of creativity: needlework, drawing, music, literary attempts. Be careful of waste of time when there is a temptation of nothing to do. Idle pastime will constantly return you to playing of a situation which led to loneliness.

4. Bring in the way of life at least the minimum changes. Critically examine the house. Try to change an interior, to rearrange furniture, to make small repair in the apartment or to update the clothes. Even the small knickknack bought on a sale can return the lost paints to your life.

5. Try not to become isolated within four walls. Add new impressions to the life. If you have no need for communication with other people, quiet walk on the park, visit of gym, fitness center or pool can become an exit not friendly the night-school student, but. The visit of movie theater or viewing a new theater production will help to relax and be exempted from sad thoughts. Fresh impressions are capable to replace destructive thoughts of loneliness and to fill life with the new concerning experiences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team