How to transfer the child to other group

How to transfer the child to other group

The bases for the transfer of the child to other group can be a little. Usually parents seek to make it if they are dissatisfied with tutors. But also desire to train the kid according to a certain program, and state of his health can be the cause. In all these cases it is necessary to address the manager and to explain the reasons.

It is required to you

  • - application for the transfer to other group;
  • - data of medical examination (for task forces);
  • - conclusion of the medico-pedagogical commission.


1. You do not hurry to translate the kid whom you just sent to a garden. Wait even if it seems to you that it changed and behaves not as usually. It is natural. The child needs time to adapt to collective and to get used to tutors. At some children it is quite long process. The child can become uneasy or slowed down. Some children begin to be ill. In this situation the translation will not bring benefit. The child should get used already to new group and new tutors, and it for him a serious stress. Observe a situation. If tutors frankly tell you about problems, and from other parents of complaints to them is not present — very much can be that put in adaptation.

2. You translate the child in case there is no other exit really. Learn whether there is in your garden other group for children of the same age. In the majority of gardens of the all-developing type of group are formed strictly on age sign, and it is proved by many reasons. To each age there corresponds the volume of knowledge, skills. Having sent the child to younger group, you artificially slow down his development. With more senior children he will feel lagging behind. Besides, violation of the age principle can be dangerous and for children. The conflicts between kids — business quite usual, but forces clashing have to be equal. It is possible to send to uneven-age group which works by special techniques any child, but such is not everywhere.

3. Talk to the manager. If in parallel or uneven-age group there is free space, problems usually do not arise. Standards of fullness quite rigid, but can take one-two children even in the completed group. The manager can suggest to write the application though she quite often is rather oral conversation. The written document can be necessary for administration of a garden in case on tutors of your former group there is already any quantity of complaints. Written certificates are necessary for taking measures.

4. Having decided to transfer the kid to group which works according to the special program, first of all talk to future tutors. Ask them to tell in detail about in what they are engaged what they teach children to and than their technique is better than the others. Have a talk with parents of kids. Organizational issues in this case are resolved just as in previous. The statement usually is required, but its form is extremely simple.

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