How to transfer the child to other policlinic

How to transfer the child to other policlinic

When in family the child, after discharge from maternity hospital appears, it is automatically registered in children's policlinic in the place of its accommodation. But there can be such situations when parents need to transfer the child from one policlinic to another. The reasons can be different: moving on the new residence, or dissatisfaction with quality of the rendered medical services. We will help you to learn how to transfer the child to other policlinic. And what for this purpose is necessary.

It is required to you

  • Passport of one of parents, birth certificate and health policy of your child.


1. Choose policlinic to which you want to transfer your child. It can be any medical institution of the country which is a part of the system of compulsory health insurance. As a rule, the policlinic in the place of your actual accommodation gets out.

2. Write the application in new policlinic, with a request to accept you there. Also receive the written consent of the manager of policlinic there. It will need to be made if change of policlinic is not forced need, and it is exclusive your desire to be observed in that policlinic where medical care has better level.

3. Address the registrar of your <<old>> policlinic with a request to hand out to you the medical record of your child. At the same time you have to show the passport, the health policy of your child (or his copy) and to specify where exactly you intend to be translated and for what reason. (If it is not policlinic at your new place of residence, then show also written consent about capture of your child to account from that policlinic where you are translated).

4. After the registrar records the fact of your departure in the special magazine, he will hand out to you the medical record of your child. In it the mark that you were struck off the register in their policlinic will be made and you are transferred to another. After that you will need to carry the medical record in your <<new>> policlinic and also there to appeal to the registrar, only already to register you in the place of new arrival.

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