How to transfer the good luck to another

How to transfer the good luck to another

The feeling of confidence in the forces, is a basis for a successful result of the planned undertaking. And if before you there is a person who suffers a defeat behind defeat on the personal battlefield, then your priority is need to force it to believe in the forces, so and to transfer it the good luck.


1. The relay of good luck can become big test and a peculiar check of friendship for durability. But if the person interested to help has strong confidence in the intentions, then it is not necessary to postpone a question of when to begin. Act right now. The quicker you will begin the way to the finish, the more surely will approach it.

2. Remember that you will be able to transfer good luck to one person. To force to believe in itself several or group of people, only professional psychologists can.

3. Meet your acquaintance. In a conversation discuss plans for the future. Your optimism, a smile and warm friendly support, will lighten the mood of the person not indifferent for you. And the good mood and belief in future achievements, are the first step to the successful and considered acts.

4. Never nadsmeivaytes over the loser, suppressing already reduced self-assessment. All jokes have to comprise the humour which is not concerning last errors of your receiver.

5. Communicate. Do not leave less successful friend alone with melancholy. At a conversation you do not look away. The similar behavior can strongly upset the person who after commission of numerous mistakes, begins to be engaged in heart-searching.

6. Of course, you will not be able constantly to be nearby. But do not waste time, good luck - piece thin. You call and write SMS messages. You do not know what to write, ask: "How are you doing?".

7. Do not forget about such feeling as empathy. Find the correct approach and if it is difficult for the person, then the sympathy will become appropriate and emotionally necessary. Be not afraid to ask questions on subjects, sore for the person. Sooner or later he will need to be uttered, splash out all collected thoughts. Your task to listen and instill confidence only in big and bright future.

8. Walk in the fresh air, visit populous places. Plan and carry out all planned actions. Even if on the street it is raining, you should not refuse walk. Thus slowly but surely, you will force the person to believe that any barriers are surmountable.

9. Watch mood of the person and his general emotional state. And if every day the subject, not absolutely successful on life, began to smile and enjoy trifles, then the work done by you is hundredfold is rewarded. Confidence instilled in consciousness of your friend, will lead to the happiest acts in his life, you transferred it the good luck.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team