How to transfer thoughts at distance

How to transfer thoughts at distance

There is a set of proofs of ability of people to transfer thoughts to distance. If you want to make sure of it, can make the simplest experiment capable visually show reality of this phenomenon.

At first it is necessary to decide on what to understand as transfer of thoughts on distance. If you, for example, want to give someone a concrete phrase or other difficult information, then it at you, most likely, will not turn out. At the same time, it is possible to transfer emotions, some simple visions, simple information – for example, answers to questions by the principle "yes" or "no".

The effectiveness of transfer of thoughts is many times higher if the one to whom they are addressed (recipient), knows about the made experiment and is ready to it. At the same time the distance between it and that who gives thoughts (inductor) has no impact on quality of their transfer – it can be even thousands of kilometers.

How to make an experiment on transfer of thoughts on distance

To make an experiment, in advance find that with whom you will conduct it. Both of you will transfer and accept in turn thoughts. In advance agree with the exact time of the beginning of a session, synchronize watches – they have to go absolutely synchronously. You have to know each other by sight, at least according to the photo. The easiest to transfer some image to distance. It can be something simple – for example, the monitor, a mug, the camera, a figurine, etc. Certainly, the recipient should not know about what image is transferred. At first you act as the inductor, giving the image chosen by you, then on the contrary, act as the recipient. After the end of an experiment you together with your partner estimate his results. Let's say the inductor at first are you. Choose the quiet place for holding a session, nothing has to distract you. Precisely in due time, second in a second, begin to concentrate on an image of your partner in an experiment. On it exactly a minute is allotted. In the same time the partner concentrates on you. At some point you can feel very clearly that connection is established. The next 2 minutes concentrate at image of the chosen subject. You look some time at it, then close eyes and reproduce mentally its image. Try that this image was bright and transferred the main characteristics of an object. After the expiration of two minutes the minute of rest for you and your partner follows. Then everything repeats, but this time already you are a recipient. Your task is in watching what images appear in your consciousness.

Summing up

Right after the end of a session describe that image which you accepted in the text file. Do not give the terse answer – in detail describe signs of what was seen, and at the end add the assumption. For example, you can write down that it was something big, square, glass. Your assumption – the monitor. Your partner in reply can report that he broadcast you an image of an aquarium. Agree, the similarity is available. Most often it is about similar coincidence. For example, the inductor transfers an image of a ruler triangle – the recipient speaks about capital letter of "V". The inductor broadcasts an image of a mug – the recipient speaks about a teapot. Exact guessing happens rather seldom, however the main signs of objects are defined very accurately. And it occurs at the most ordinary people who do not have some special abilities. It is enough to make several such experiments, and all doubts in reality of transfer of thoughts on distance completely disappear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team