How to transfer to artificial feeding

How to transfer to artificial feeding

Maternal milk – the most useful food for the baby. But can happen and so that mom cannot nurse any more. Then the decision to transfer the child to artificial feeding is made.

It is required to you

  • - pacifier;
  • - small bottle;
  • - mix, suitable for your child.


1. Define the moment of excommunication from a breast in advance that process of transition to artificial feeding could be carried out less painfully for the child. Your opportunity everything will be good to be calculated and to prepare roundabout ways in case circumstances will unexpectedly change.

2. Have patience. In transition to artificial nutrition the first steps will be the most difficult. Perhaps, at first the child will eat very reluctantly food, unusual for it, – it should not be the cause for refusal of already planned purpose. The reasons for the transfer to artificial feeding can be various, but even if plans will exchange, it is not necessary to turn back now.

3. Begin with decantation in a small bottle of own milk. The habitual taste will help the kid to adapt to a new way of meal. Having mastered a pacifier, he easier will apprehend then taste of artificial milk.

4. Replace one of meals with feeding from a small bottle. It is better to choose for this purpose such time of feeding when development of milk absolutely small is usually in the late afternoon. Thus feeding it is necessary to spend couple of days then it is possible to move ahead further.

5. Replace the second day feeding with a breast with a small bottle if it seems to you that the kid got used to intake of artificial mix in the evening. For example, it can be such mode: 9-00 – breast milk, 12-00 – artificial. 15-00 – again breast milk, 18-00 – milk from a bottle, 21-00 – feeding by a breast. Now keep such diet with two replacements within three-four days. After that gradually replace increasing number of breast milk with artificial.

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