How to transport children about one year in the car

How to transport children about one year in the car

To ensure safety of movement of your child in the car, you transport it only in a car seat or an autocradle. Numerous crash tests and statistics of accidents on roads warn – at the child transported on hands much less chances to survive a case of emergency braking or, especially, blow, even at a small speed of the movement.

It is required to you

  • - autocradle;
  • - car seat with a possibility of transportation of babies;
  • - carriage with a possibility of transformation in an autocradle.


1. Take care of safety of the child till his birth, in advance having bought an autocradle or a car seat that already from maternity hospital it was possible to go with comfort. Try to buy such adaptation which will be able "to grow" together with the child, adapting to his growth, weight and requirements.

2. If it is important for you that the newborn or the baby lay horizontally, get an automobile cradle or a bed. Arrange it on a back seat of the car, having developed perpendicular to the movement so that the head of the child was closer to the center, but not to a door.

3. Record a bed by means of back regular belts, following the instruction. In such cradle the child will lie on a back that promotes the best breath and a comfortable pose of a dream, but, most often, indicators of safety of such devices concede to car seats. Besides, consider that in several months you should buy other chair in which the child will be able to sit.

4. If you often walk with a carriage, and drive the car seldom, pay attention to the carriages supplied with a removable cradle and the walking block and also folding chassis. Learn from the seller whether it is possible to use removable elements as an autocradle and a chair, in case of positively answer buy such carriage. In spite of the fact that they are more expensive, you get many advantages, for example, will be able to carry the child by the taxi: put the chassis and place in a trunk, and fasten a cradle regular belts (the child can even be not got).

5. To have an opportunity to transfer the child to small distances, get a car seat carrying. It is convenient, but will serve to the kid only about one year. If you are more practical, buy the universal chair suitable both for newborns, and for adult children.

6. Establish an optimum inclination of a back of a chair, for newborns it is 30-45 ⁰. If there is an opportunity, develop the child a back in the direction of travel, and fix a chair by regular belts of the car or to special brackets of ISOFix (depending on a chair design).

7. During transportation on a front seat by a back forward, surely disconnect safety cushions (if the kid looks forward – it is not necessary to disconnect).

8. In case the back inclination seems to you too flat or abrupt, adjust position of the child by means of foam rollers or the twisted towels. Too high position will lead to the fact that the head will fall on a breast and breath will be complicated, and too low it is insufficiently safe. Besides, by means of rollers you can record in addition the head of the kid (them it is necessary to have on each side, but not to put under the head).

9. In transit fasten the child about one year in the car its special seat belts provided by a car seat design. Consider that for safety of the child the trip should not exceed 1.5 hours.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team