How to transport the child

How to transport the child

Safe transportation of children in the car cannot be made without the special holding devices. Pozabottes about safety of your child, install a car seat or the booster in the machine.


1. In traffic regulations rules of transportation of children in cars are accurately specified: "Transportation of children to 12-year age in the vehicles equipped with seat belts has to be made with use of the special children's holding devices corresponding to the weight and growth of the child, or other means allowing to fasten the child by means of the seat belts provided by a vehicle design. And on a front seat of the car - only with use of the special children's holding devices. It is forbidden to transport children to 12-year age on the motorcycle".

2. Under the holding devices children's car seats or boosters mean. Car seats are selected on growth and weight of the child and have various groups: 0-13 kg (group 0 plus) 0-18 kg (group 0 plus / 1) 9-18 kg (group 1) 9-25kg (group 1.2) 15-36 kg (group 2.3) 9-36 kg (group 1,2,3) All car seats need to be selected proceeding from these criteria. Only this way it is possible to achieve the maximum safety of the child.

3. The booster is small sitting without back. It is not so convenient as the car seat, and serves in order that fasten the child a regular seat belt. If the child of growth small, directly passes a belt under a throat of the little passenger. At an emergency, such belt not only will not protect, but also will aggravate a situation.

4. If the trip in the car without the children's holding means (taxi) is necessary to you, then it is possible to buy a fixer on a seat belt. Such adaptation fixes a belt on the necessary height and allows to fasten the child correctly.

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