How to transport the child in the taxi

How to transport the child in the taxi

The travel with the small child to the taxi - responsible and difficult business, especially if is about long-distance trips. Parents have to not only take care of existence of a car seat, but also watch behavior of the kid not to distract the driver.

Safety rules

Travel with the child – the fascinating occupation having a number of subtleties, especially if parents prefer to use the car. Having decided to call the taxi, it is necessary to warn the dispatcher that in salon there will be a passenger up to 12 years in advance. In this case the company is obliged to take care of existence of a car seat and to pick up the corresponding car. It fastens to back seat of a car by means of special seat belts.

It is known what at a speed more than 60 km/h of the kid cannot almost be held on hands in case of emergency braking therefore existence of a car seat is obligatory.

In case parents did not warn about presence of the little passenger in advance, and in the car there is no children's holding device, the driver has the right to refuse transportation as he undertakes all responsibility, including payment of a penalty. For the least children autocradles which provide all conditions for a comfortable travel are provided. It is very good when in an arsenal of parents there is such thing. In this case at the order of the taxi they can emphasize that the car of the increased comfort where with ease own car seat would be located is necessary.

Bruster – a special pillow for transportation of kids. With its help the child rises by the necessary height that the standard seat belt could pass through his shoulder.

Rules of conduct

Often taxi drivers not really like to transport small children as they rustle and disturb on the way. The task of parents is in occupying the child during driving, for example, it is possible to consider landscapes outside the window, to play games on the tablet or phone and also to play about toys if the child is absolutely small. It is very important that when driving the driver did not feel discomfort, safety of passengers directly depends on it. Happens that the child can be frightened of an unfamiliar situation and burst into tears, in this case it is necessary to get out of the car and to present a trip in the form of a fascinating game to entice attention of the baby.

Long trips

Trips to a long distance are perceived by fidgets rather difficult. Plying by the taxi between the cities, parents have to stock up with all necessary – food, water, toys, pampers, wet towel wipes, etc. If the travel is planned for hot season, and in the car the conditioner works, time in several hours should be irrigated a mucous membrane of a nose of the baby to save it from drying. It is not necessary to overfeed the child to the road that it did not rock to sleep, it is also necessary to protect the kid from the excessive use of liquid. A trip with the child by the taxi or own car – the responsible business requiring special attention from parents.

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