How to travel with children

How to travel with children

Travel it is always pleasant impressions of acquaintance to new culture, the unknown nature, other people. If you gathered in a travel and intend to take minor children it is necessary to be ready to everything and to follow some rules. It not only will make your rest pleasant and unforgettable, but also will secure against emergence of unforeseen situations which can happen to children on vacation.


1. Most of tourists prefer active excursion holiday even if it is tourists with children. In advance plan all actions which you intend to visit during the day. If for the adult the hours-long excursions are not a burden, then for the kid they will seem very tiresome. Visit with the child of one-two excursions in day, duration no more than 2 hours will become the best decision. The kid to be tired and begin to be capricious that will spoil not only mood, but also an action in general.

2. Choose such places where it would be interesting not only to you, but also the child. On the beach there are always children's entertaining attractions, playgrounds where the child under supervision of the tutor or one of adults will be able to spend some time. Rather often at hotels there is a specialized children's room where the child will be able not only to play with peers, but also to have a bite, the kids menu is for this purpose provided. At this time parents will be able to spend time with benefit – to go to the beach, to visit the museum or an exhibition, to go on an excursion.

3. If the child travels with parents everywhere and to leave him in the children's room there is no desire, always carry with yourself a small bottle with the clear distilled water to exclude dehydration of a children's organism. On the beach cover the child from the sun, try not to allow its long stay in the sun without Panamanian, protect the child's skin sunblock cream

4. Being on the beach at a big congestion of people, try to dress the child brightly in order that he was allocated and it was easy for you for a bet to see a case it among other children. Being on vacation, do not forget to enclose in a pocket of clothes of the child a note with your data: hotel where you be, the phone number all this is necessary, on a case if suddenly the child is lost and will appear in the unfamiliar place without seniors.

5. Gathering for rest, complete a children's first-aid kit, having put necessary drugs there. In particular it is anesthetics, activated carbon in case of food poisonings, cure for allergic reactions, febrifuges and sterile bandage. Do not forget to take the thermometer in the road, it is the best of all electronic. Most often children want to take favourite toys or books to the road. It is desirable not to take too many toys, explain to the child that if something to be necessary for it all of you buy on the place. Following these simple rules, you will spend the vacation without incident and will be always quiet for the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team